Foot Mallet

Foot Mallet

Polo Foot Mallet

Here you can browse our polo foot mallets, walking polo mallet, mini polo mallets and baby polo mallets. The polo foot mallet and polo player mini mallets have rubber grips or tennis grips for ease of use. The polo slings are generally made of cotton but for foot mallets the polo slings may be nylon as well. The polo mallets for practice while off horse are made with rotan (rattan) manau (manu) canes and wood polo mallet heads. The polo malet heads have properly tapered heel and toes. Polo mallet heads may come in skene or cigar for polo foot mallets. The polo mallet heads are adjusted onto the polo cane shaft with top level craftsmanship and materials all handled by skillful hands by a master polo mallet smith. Please look at our polo player mallets!

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Polo Foot Mallet

Gladiator Polo - Polo Foot Mallet Quality grip  Lengths for all heights Wood head C..

$40.00 $35.00 Ex Tax: $35.00

Mini Polo Foot Mallets, Baby Polo Mallet

Mini Foot Polo Mallets   3/4 size polo heads Tiny polo grips Cotton polo sling G..

$20.00 $18.00 Ex Tax: $18.00

Mini Polo Foot Mallets, Baby Polo Mallet, Flag Polo Foot Mallet

Mini Foot Polo Mallets Flag Theme Mini Polo Foot Mallet   3/4 size polo heads Tin..

$25.00 $20.00 Ex Tax: $20.00