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Need the right fitting reenactment boots for your next Civil War reproduction? Not a problem. We have custom or made-to-order boots with exceptionally high quality at exceptionally low prices. We are the sutlers for you.

Whether you are an enthusiastic cosplayer, swashbuckling pirate reenactor, or love the style of our WW2 lace up boots, you can find what you need here. Our custom riding and walking boots are here to serve you.

And it doesn't just stop at what we have listed. Send us inquiries at anytime if we don't have any particular era-style boots you have in mind and we will quote you. Even if you are looking for custom cowboy boots!

If you are part of a troop that is interested in a group order, then you are in luck as we offer group discounts.

If you are part of a theater costume design team and are looking for boots that will bring style and quality to your play or film production, then please know that we are very accommodating for such needs as well.

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1940 U.S. Army Cavalry Lace-up Reproduction Field Boots Custom

1940 U.S. Army Cavalry Lace-up Boots Item Specifics:   Genuine leather, cowhide or ca..

$299.99 $249.99 Ex Tax: $249.99

Ace of Spades Civil War Cavalry Boots

Ace of Spades Tall Boots For Cowboy Action Shooting, Historical Reenactment, Equestrian Cowboy Sp..

$299.99 $275.00 Ex Tax: $275.00

Cathedral Boots for the Civil War and Indian War

Cathedral Boots: Civil War and Indian WarCan be made based on images and design specifications&..

$274.99 $225.00 Ex Tax: $225.00

Civil War Brogan Shoes Full Grain

Colors, can be order  White, Red, Navy, Brown, Light Brown, London Tan, Havana Brown, Black or ..

$59.00 $79.99 Ex Tax: $79.99

Civil War Brogans Suede

Civil War Brogan Shoes These are quality shoes that are made to last and impress. Heavy duty boots,..

$90.00 $65.00 Ex Tax: $65.00

Civil War Cavalry Boots

Civil War Cavalry These Civil War cavalry reenactment boots are hand crafted with high quali..

$299.99 $224.99 Ex Tax: $224.99

Civil War Infantry Boots

Civil War Infantry Boots These Civil War infantry reenactment boots are hand crafted with hi..

$299.99 $199.99 Ex Tax: $199.99

Civil War Officer's Cavalry Boots

Civil War Officer Cavalry Boots These Civil War Officer Cavalry reenactment boots are hand-c..

$299.99 $239.99 Ex Tax: $239.99

Cosplay Boots: Custom Designs, Style and Fit

Custom CosPlay Boots   Choose your style. Talk with us about which fictional concept y..

$299.99 Ex Tax: $299.99

Texas Star Cowboy Action Shooter Cavalry Boots

Texas Star Cowboy Action Shooter Tall Boots Item Details:   Real cowhide or bufa..

$299.99 Ex Tax: $299.99

4-Strap Velcro Jedi Boots

Item Specifics: Italian leather (4mm) 4 Velcro straps attached to leather fold overlaying th..

$400.00 $349.99 Ex Tax: $349.99

Star Wars 3-Strap Jedi Boots

Item Specifics: Jedi style tall boots Real leather front zip boots with three Velcro straps ..

$399.99 $299.99 Ex Tax: $299.99