Polo Mallet - Ladies Light

-26% Polo Mallet - Ladies Light

Gladiator Polo - Polo Mallets Light

  • Rattan manu cane
  • Light weight for women and youth players
  • The light and arena polo mallets are all made with quality, light weight yet durable rattan cane and tipa wood
  • Stiff to flexible mallets are all possible

Custom Polo Mallets

Want to customize your own polo mallets to your preferences? Then please head on over the the Custom Polo Mallet listing and let us know what you would like. You will have the option of polo head weight, flex, handle size and of course, color. Ask about other possible options as well.


What are Skene heads?

Mallets come in cigar or Skene heads. Skene heads were invented by legendary 10-goaler Robert "Hurricane" Skene. The head shape can be best explained as a cigar head but with a sanded bottom and either a cut-away heel or both cuta-away heel and toe. All options are oftened. The benefit of a skene polo mallet head are more loft and thus higher potential trajectory in fight.

This result is owed to the sweet spot being brought closer to the ground thanks to the flattened Skene-style bottom. Of course, it comes down to your style of playing polo. Encourage yourself to experiment and find your best technique! Great for arena polo (indoor polo). Beach polo and snow polo benefit from this shape as well as inflateable polo balls are similarly utilised.

This shape is a bit different from the more ovular RNPA polo head.

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