Field Polo Player Boots

-25% Field Polo Player Boots

Polo Player Field Boots

  • Thick-yet-supple leather construction (4mm shaft wall)
  • Goodyear-welted leather sole
  • Brass eyelets and buckles
  • Laced


Measuring Chart



1) Please let us know if you happen to wear pants and/or socks during the measuring process (we will adjust for margins)
2) Make sure all measurements except for (7) are snug
3) Make sure that you or the person you are helping to take the measurements are seated during this process
4) Please submit measurements via email. You can also phone these in if you would like to place a phone order
5) When you do submit your measurements, please denote the unit system used: inches or centimetres


Measure the (both legs):

  1. 1. Ball of foot: Circumference around the ball of your foot

  2. 2. Arch: Circumference around the arch of your foot

  3. 3. Heel: Circumference around your heel

  4. 4. Ankle: Circumference around your ankle

  5. 5. Calf: Circumference around your calf

  6. 6. Top calf: Measure the circumference around your leg just below your knee. This is how wide the mouth of the boot will be

  7. 7. Leg height: Inside knee height from the sole of your foot to the bone as indicated. You want the boots to be high enough but not to tall

  8. 8. Foot length: Length of your foot from longest toe to heel

How to Submit

Please follow the following format and fill in the blanks then submit through email (you can print and scan with chart to help):






Style: ______________________________________

Color: ______________________________________

1. Ball                  R______ L______

2. Arch                R______ L______

3. Heel                R______ L______

4. Ankle              R______ L______

5. Calf                R______ L______

6. Top of Calf    R______ L______

7. Leg height     R______ L______

8. Foot length   R______ L______


Fit Guarantee:

If you follow the instructions as carefully as possible, you will be able to record accurate measurements, so please be diligent. We will do our best to make the boots to your fit. Sometimes if the boots feel a bit snug or tight, remember that they can be loosened up when broken in through exercising them or conditioning them.

If boots do not match we will remake them for you. We cannot authorize any refunds on custom boots.

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